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Repairs and rebuilds of classic sports and saloon cars...


We have a great deal of expertise in classic Mercedes and we usually have at least three being worked on at any one time.

Vintage and PV

Sports, racing and saloons from the twenties through to late pre war...


We have lost count of how many Triumph TRs we have rebuilt over the last 20 years. We have also rebuilt many Spitfires and GT models...


In 2015 we moved to modern purpose built workshops. At any time our experienced staff can be working on up to 20 cars doing jobs from complete rebuilds to repairs and routine seasonal servicing...


Over the years we have rebuilt hundreds of engines. We have extensive expertise in engines dating from the turn of the century although we draw the line at modern supercars as we do not have the necessary diagnostic equipment for them. If in doubt please ask.

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Classic and Collectors Car Restoration Specialists

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1951 MG YA Saloon Restoration

MG’s first post-war saloon featured a modified Morris bodyshell on a new stiff box section chassis. It featured independent front suspension and rack-and-pinion steering (the design of which carried on basically unchanged until the last MGB in 1980) and thus had very good handling and road holding. A very elegant and stylish sporting saloon in the best Britsh tradition.

1952 MG YA Saloon

We restored this example from very rusty but pretty much complete condition. Here, the chassis has been shotblasted, primed and repaired. It sits on our jig ready to be used as the support for the body rebuild stage. Afterwards it will be spray painted gloss black.

The bodyshell was completely stripped and shotblasted. Here new sills are being made and fitted. Panel availability for this sort of classic car (where relatively few are restored) is not good and we made most of the new panels ourselves. The boot area and inner wings always seem to suffer from rust quite badly as they trap the water in the seals and wing piping. The shotblaster is superb at revealing what is real metal and what isn’t.

Here the rear of the body is nearing completion. The panels are trial fitted with hinges and catches to ensure all works well - it’s better to do this now rather than after the spraying.

Spraying the body in the owner’s chosen shade of British Racing Green. All the removable panels are sprayed separately - there are 17 of them, including the sunroof panel. They are assembled later with wing piping etc. The body is mounted on a spray trolley so the underside can be painted to give a ‘just like new’ appearance underneath as well as on top. After much restoration and assembly work on the mechanical and electrical systems, the trim and the brightwork, the great moment comes for the first test drive up and down the workshop entrance area. Leaving the bonnet off allows better access to diagnose any teething troubles - there were actually very few...

The final hand-over. After test running and an MOT pass, we all gathered in the sunshine to say goodbye to a lovely car. The owner stands next to his ‘pride and joy’. No, we didn’t forget to take the trade plates off prior to departure!

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