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Repairs and rebuilds of classic sports and saloon cars...


We have a great deal of expertise in classic Mercedes and we usually have at least three being worked on at any one time.

Vintage and PV

Sports, racing and saloons from the twenties through to late pre war...


We have lost count of how many Triumph TRs we have rebuilt over the last 20 years. We have also rebuilt many Spitfires and GT models...


In 2015 we moved to modern purpose built workshops. At any time our experienced staff can be working on up to 20 cars doing jobs from complete rebuilds to repairs and routine seasonal servicing...


Over the years we have rebuilt hundreds of engines. We have extensive expertise in engines dating from the turn of the century although we draw the line at modern supercars as we do not have the necessary diagnostic equipment for them. If in doubt please ask.

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1972 E-Type Jaguar V12

We are often asked: “How long does a restored car stay looking good?” The answer is: “If it is looked after well, kept garaged and not driven in the worst of weathers, then indefinitely.” This Jaguar E Type Series 3 Fixed Head Coupe V12 is a case in point. We restored this car completely to the highest standards between 1987 and 1991.
Many years after it was finished, the owner wished to sell it and we found a good home for it. The current owner uses it regularly, including in the rain, and the last three photos in this sequence were taken in September 2006, fifteen years after the restoration was finished.
As you can see, it is still looking superb. We put the SU carburettors on for the new owner to replace the original Strombergs, which are not our favourite carbs, and to improve its overall performance. We also uprated the ignition and suspension systems. As a result it drives as well as it looks.

Initial strip down. The car actually didn’t look too bad from a distance but there was rust damage in all the usual E Type bodyshell places and the engine was tired. Some of the rust damage in the bonnet can be seen in this photo. The bonnet was actually renewed because the rust damage inside was so extensive and deep seated. The car in the background is an Alvis TC21 drophead having some major bodywork repairs.

A detail of the engine bay during the strip down process. The tubular subframe that is the front of the car forward of the bulkhead can clearly be seen. Those tubes were renewed as they are highly stressed and the old ones were not in excellent order. After much repair work to the rear and sill structures, the whole car was painted British Racing Green whilst mounted on a workshop trolley so the underside was sprayed as well. The braking system is here being assembled on the bulkhead.

E-Type Jaguar Engine

E-Type Jaguar Bonnet

The reconditioned engine was now installed. The engine bay got very full with all this fitted in so Jaguar had to turn the alternator round and mount it ahead of the engine - it was the only place left to put it! The new and sprayed bonnet is now fitted, as is the windscreen. The trim assembly now started. If memory serves me correctly, the little chrome trims around the headlight apertures on the bonnet were a swine of a job to get to fit right......

E-Type Jaguar rear door

E-Type Jaguar front view

Rear view of the finished car, looking superb. (This and the next photos were taken in 1991) Front view of the finished car, showing that famous bonnet and also those little chrome trims round the headlight apertures that gave so much trouble.

Fifteen years later, in 2006, the E Type was still looking superb. The interior has been looked after well and still looks good 15 years after we finished.

The under bonnet view in 2006. Two of the four SU carburettors can be seen - they have certainly improved the response of the engine and made the car even nicer to drive.

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