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Repairs and rebuilds of classic sports and saloon cars...


We have a great deal of expertise in classic Mercedes and we usually have at least three being worked on at any one time.

Vintage and PV

Sports, racing and saloons from the twenties through to late pre war...


We have lost count of how many Triumph TRs we have rebuilt over the last 20 years. We have also rebuilt many Spitfires and GT models...


In 2015 we moved to modern purpose built workshops. At any time our experienced staff can be working on up to 20 cars doing jobs from complete rebuilds to repairs and routine seasonal servicing...


Over the years we have rebuilt hundreds of engines. We have extensive expertise in engines dating from the turn of the century although we draw the line at modern supercars as we do not have the necessary diagnostic equipment for them. If in doubt please ask.

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Classic and Collectors Car Restoration Specialists

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Chassis Up and Part Restoration

We carry out full 'chassis-up' restorations and have successfully completed dozens over the past 35 years. However, sometimes a part restoration is all that is needed to bring your classic back to its former glory and this approach brings savings in time and money. We are more than happy to carry out either.

Also, some owners of a practical nature like to complete some of the restoration work themselves, using our services just for the parts that require specialist skills & equipment. For example, an owner may wish to complete the re-assembly of his/her car after we have completed the bodywork and painting areas of the project and perhaps got the car running and MOT'd as well. Again, we are happy to work with you on the project.

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