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Repairs and rebuilds of classic sports and saloon cars...


We have a great deal of expertise in classic Mercedes and we usually have at least three being worked on at any one time.

Vintage and PV

Sports, racing and saloons from the twenties through to late pre war...


We have lost count of how many Triumph TRs we have rebuilt over the last 20 years. We have also rebuilt many Spitfires and GT models...


In 2015 we moved to modern purpose built workshops. At any time our experienced staff can be working on up to 20 cars doing jobs from complete rebuilds to repairs and routine seasonal servicing...


Over the years we have rebuilt hundreds of engines. We have extensive expertise in engines dating from the turn of the century although we draw the line at modern supercars as we do not have the necessary diagnostic equipment for them. If in doubt please ask.

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Classic and Collectors Car Restoration Specialists

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1960 Triumph TR4A

The TR4A which was built between 1965 and 1967 was an evolution of the TR4, updated with a new chassis. It was hoped the new but more complex independent rear suspension would address the buying public's desire for more comfortable riding sports cars. It has been estimated that 75 percent of TR4A were built with IRS. It's a little known fact that by 2011 there were only 789 licensed and 153 SORN TR4As registered with the DVLA. In 1965 the TR4A IRS sold in the UK for approximately £968 with wire wheels being another £36, overdrive £51, heater £13 and seat belts £4 each. The TR4A sold for just under $2500 in the United States.

1960 Triumph TR4A

1960 Triumph TR4A body rebuild

In response to dealer requests about 25 percent of TR4As were produced with a solid rear axle option, also called a live axle, similar to the earlier TR4.The new suspension eventually proved itself with the buying public and in racing, with three TR4A IRS models posting a team win and finishing first, second and third in class in the 1966 Sebring 12-hour race.

1960 Triumph TR4A restored engine installation

In 1968 the TR4A was replaced by the 6-cylinder TR5, the European model with fuel injection. In the USA it was designated the TR250 and fitted with twin carburettors. Both cars used the same body design.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR4A

As can be seen here we received this car on a frame which we transported to our workshop by trailer. You can see more photographs of this in the gallery section. After various bodywork repairs the car was sprayed white.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR4A

Meanwhile the chassis and engine were rebuilt.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR4A

The body has been re-fitted to the chassis.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR4A

New headlining being fitted into the hardtop.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR4A

Looking pristine in the workshop.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR4A

A side view out in the open air complete with refurbished hardtop.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR4A

Waiting to have brightwork and headlights fitted.

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